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July 5, 2024

Niilo Säämänen

CTO @ Wolt

Keynote Speaker

Keynote: How to scale high ownership engineering teams

In 2015, Wolt started delivering delicious restaurant food to customers in Finland. Fast-forward to today, we’re building a platform for the delivery of (almost) everything, with customers being able to order anything from fresh groceries to pharmaceuticals in over 500 cities in 25 countries around the world.

In this talk, Niilo Säämänen, CTO of Wolt, shares how he has built and scaled Wolt’s engineering organization of 80+ autonomous product teams through hyper-growth to serve millions of customers across 25 countries. He will share concrete insights and tips for how to build a modern,high-ownership, high-impact tech organization from the perspective of building Wolt’s product organization. Niilo is a huge believer in culture-led organizations and in his talk, he will share about how to build and maintain a company culture and how to attract and retain the most talented people through hyper-growth.

Niilo Säämänen
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