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July 5, 2024

Maria Gomez

VP Engineering @ BCG.X

Roundtable Host

Ensuring Successful Integration of AI Into Your Product Portfolio

In the fast-paced digital environment, AI has emerged as a vital element across various products and services, enhancing user experiences and operational efficiency. From virtual assistants to recommendation engines, AI often promises transformative potential in reshaping how businesses engage with customers. This roundtable explores strategies and best practices for effectively integrating AI into existing products.

*Is integrating AI into your product portfolio and assests a strategic necessity or a market trend?

*What metrics or indicators help guide the decision within your organization?

*How do you assess the readiness of your technology stack and team skills before integrating AI features?

*What are some common pitfalls you have encountered in the integration of AI within products

*What ethical considerations do you prioritize when deploying AI in products that reach diverse user bases?

*What strategies have you found most effective for staying ahead of the rapid advancements in AI?

Maria Gomez
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