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July 5, 2024

Lena Reinhard

Leadership & Executive Coach, Former VP Engineering, CEO

Roundtable Host

“Someone Really Should…” - How to *Really* Create Ownership and Accountability in Your Organisation

“What happens in your organisation when goals aren’t met?”, is one of my favourite questions to ask executives during an organisational assessment. I ask it because it’s a seemingly simple question, and because I know that the answer is usually complicated: Most leaders contemplate for a few moments, then say: “Nothing.” My follow-up questions usually reveal one of the most common leadership challenges: They know that accountability and ownership are important, but find it exceptionally challenging to get everyone in their company to actually take ownership, and be accountable.

Many leaders share this struggle. Especially fast-moving, high-change organisations like startups and scaleups need a high sense of ownership from everyone; but how do you do this when you can’t create a RACI matrix for every project? And when your organisation prides itself on a “blameless culture” and you know that psychological is a key component of high-performing teams… what do you do when mistakes happen?

I’m here to help. Join this roundtable to discuss:

What do ownership and accountability really mean, when it’s not just “firing people if they make one mistake?”

How do you identify whether they’re present or missing in your organisation?

And what can you do to cultivate ownership and accountability, ideally without having to be involved and monitoring everyone’s actions, at all times?

You will leave knowing how to spot ownership and accountability in your organisation, and how to know they’re missing. You’ll take away answers to these questions, as well as concrete ideas where and how to invest, to get the high-ownership and accountability culture that your organisation needs to succeed.

Lena Reinhard
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