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July 5, 2024

Carl-Gustaf Harroch

Founder/Managing Director - Novoda

Roundtable Host

Cross-Platform Development: Are We There Yet?

Does your mobile development team feel like they could be more efficient—both in time and money? Can you use your web developers on mobile with React Native? Is Flutter really that good? How about Kotlin Multi-Platform on iOS—does it actually work? Is native iOS and Android development becoming obsolete? Do your customers even notice?So many questions, and more to come with GenAI and no-code platforms mixing into the equation. Yet, it feels like there is no holy grail, and we are still going around in circles.

Join us for a roundtable to tackle key considerations in cross-platform technologies and challenge your thinking.Key Discussion Points:

1. How can you ensure cross-platform technologies address your specific challenges?

2. Is your company ready to adopt cross-platform technology to speed up development and reduce time-to-market?

3. How do you choose the right framework amid conflicting opinions on Flutter, React Native, and Kotlin Multi-Platform? What role will GenAI and no-code platforms play in the future?

Carl-Gustaf Harroch
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