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July 5, 2024

Aurelijus Valeiša

Sr. Director of Technology (Product, Engineering, Design) inPost Group

Roundtable Host

What CTOs Need to Know About Green-Tech and Sustainability

CTOs and Engineering Leaders play a crucial role in driving innovation that can be leveraged to create sustainable software development solutions and bringing together technological expertiese to minimize the environmental impact. Leaders face the formidable challange of needing to adopt ever more processing-hungry technologies, while simultaneously responding to customer-driven Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) imperatives. This rountable will allow engineering leaders to come together to discuss pressing issues such as:

  • Can companies develop sustainable software products that meet customers' needs and minimize their environmental impact?

  • Gain insights, hear success stories and examine the challenges of implementing sustainable software development practices. 

  • Can transparency about environmental initiatives and transparency cause consumer backlash?

  • How can organizations continue to drive growth while minimizing carbon footprint?

  • If all the “heavy-lifting” is done in the cloud, do infrastructure-focused green-tech initiateves really make a difference?

Aurelijus Valeiša
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